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Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

District Announcements

  • ACPS Holiday Schedule Change

    In observance of the upcoming holiday, the meal distribution and teacher “on-call” schedules will change slightly.  These services will not be available from Friday, April 10 through Tuesday, April 14.  Both resume on Wednesday, April 15.

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  • ACPS Remedial, Special Education, Title I, and Title III Advisory Committee

    Due to Governor Northam's closure of all schools as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be no April meeting of the ACPS Remedial, Special Education, Title I, and Title III Advisory Committee.  The meeting will not be rescheduled.

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  • COVID-19 Response Update on March 27, 2020 from ACPS Superintendent Dr. Annette A. Bennett

    ACPS Parents,

    Since the Governor's announcement about the closure of our schools for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, ACPS staff has been working diligently to adjust our response. First, I need to be very clear, the 2019-20 school year is NOT over. The Governor's announcement restricts us from opening our schools, but there is work to do before we can complete this year, finish the grade level and course curriculum, and promote your students to the next level.  Our division is still working to provide students on-site food service and remote instructional services.

    Our goals for the remainder of the year are:

    1. to remain connected with our students and their families to assess needs related to this crisis and provide instructional support for the learning modules, and
    2. to design and distribute instructional modules that will provide opportunities for our students to maintain and improve the academic skills necessary to progress to the next grade level or course.

    This will be accomplished through 3 Phases of learning packets.

    Phase 1 packets were distributed on March 17th. Thank you for your extremely cooperative response in picking up those packets.

    Phase 2 packets will be available on April 1. We will use the same distribution process at each school from 10 to 1 in a drive-through format.  At this time, we ask you to drop off your students' completed Phase 1 packet.  These packets will be reviewed by your students' teacher(s).

    Phase 3 In about 2 weeks, a FINAL packet will be ready for pick up and the Phase 2 packets will be collected.  The exact date and time of this will be announced later.

    Our teachers will continue to be in communication with students to assist with all of the packet materials.

    You will be contacted by the school nurse on Monday regarding any medication that needs to be picked up on April 1.  Band instruments may also be picked up at that time.

    As soon as it is safe for students to re-enter the buildings, we will notify you about the retrieval of other personal items in the school and our plans for end of year tasks and celebrations.  As usual, we will update this page and notify you using our phone, text, email, and app communication system. 

    At this time, you can contact the schools and school board offices by phone and email. Please do so if you have any questions, or concerns we can address. 

    Even though this is such an uncertain time for us all, I am so proud of the stories our teachers are sharing about how hard your students are working to continue learning. 

    Thank you for your continued support and stay well.

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  • Student Meals During COVID-19 Closure (Updated March 27, 2020)

    Appomattox County Public Schools will utilize the USDA Seamless Summer Option Food Program to provide bagged meals during the COVID-19 school closure. Breakfast and lunch will be available to all Appomattox children up to age 18 regardless of income level. Beginning on March 30, 2020, meals may be picked up each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 am to 1 pm at Appomattox Elementary School for the duration of the mandatory school closure period through May 21, 2020 with the exception of April 10 and April 13. There will be no meals provided on those dates.  One breakfast and one lunch for both Monday and Tuesday will be provided on Mondays, one breakfast and one lunch for both Wednesday and Thursday will be provided on Wednesdays, with one breakfast and one lunch for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday being provided on Fridays.

    Please Note: USDA regulations require that students must be in the vehicle at the time of pickup to receive these meals. We are not allowed to give these meals to parents or other adults to bring back to their children. Children may not pick up meals for other children.

    Meals will be served "drive through" style in the normal car rider lane at AES - watch for signs and follow directions of staff on the meal pick-up days.

    Click here to view the full press release.

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  • Continued School Closure Announced by Governor Northam on March 23

    From ACPS Superintendent, Dr. Annette A. Bennett:

    Raider Nation,

    We regret to inform you that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Northam has decided to close all public and private schools until the end of the school year. 

    We are promised that the Virginia Department of Education will provide guidance to all divisions in our efforts to provide continuity of instruction and food services during this time.  Other areas on which we are to be given prompt guidance include:

    • Graduation Requirements
    • Awarding Standard Credit and Verified Credit (in the absence of SOL testing)
    • Closing the instructional gaps created by the loss of instruction.

    As these and many more questions are answered in the next few days, weeks, and months to come, I will make every effort to maintain communication with you. Please frequent this website for updates and new information as it is released. 

    I understand these are uncertain times for us all.  The decisions being made are unprecedented and there is no script to follow. However, I have no doubt we will weather this storm together, and we will come through this on the other side stronger, and more prepared to take on future challenges.

    I thank everyone in our community for all you are doing to support our children at this time.

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  • Staying Healthy:  What is Social Distancing?

    Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highly recommends that people of all ages stay away from large gatherings.  This limiting of gatherings is called social distancing. Many universities, public schools, and sporting institutions have been shut down for the next few weeks in an effort to prevent the virus from spreading.

    The goal of social distancing is to prevent sick people from coming in close contact with healthy people thus preventing and reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  The CDC defines social distancing as “remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance (at least 6 feet) from others when possible.”  Congregate settings include sporting events, festivals, parades, church services and functions, grocery stores, coffee shops, concerts, and large hangout settings which include skating rings, malls, and movie theaters.  Social distancing also includes avoiding handshakes, close contact such as hugging, avoiding public transportation when possible, limit nonessential travel, and working from home if applicable.

    Other acts to prevent the spread of the virus include frequent hand-washing, use of hand sanitizer, using proper respiratory etiquette, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and staying at home when not feeling well.  Hand-washing should be completed before you eat, after using the restroom, after playing with pets, after sneezing, blowing your nose or coughing, before and after touching a cut or open sore, after playing outside, and anytime hands are visibly soiled.  Proper respiratory etiquette helps to limit the transmission of respiratory pathogens spread by droplet or airborne routes. Proper respiratory etiquette includes covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, using tissues and throwing them away after use, and washing your hands or using hand sanitizer every time you touch your mouth or nose. 

    If you are sick, please stay home and avoid public places.  Clean and disinfect frequently high touched surfaces daily. Such surfaces include tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, video game controllers, toilets, faucets, and sinks. 

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  • Welcome! 

    On behalf of Appomattox County School Board, the faculty and staff of Appomattox County Public Schools (ACPS), I welcome you to our website. 

    Located in Central Virginia, Appomattox is historically significant as it served as the stage for the Confederate Army’s surrender to end the American Civil War. We provide public education to approximately 2200 students in four schools. In each of our schools; Appomattox County High School (Grades 9-12), Appomattox Middle School (Grades 6-8), Appomattox Elementary School (Grades 3-5), and Appomattox Primary School (Preschool – Grade 2); we will engage students in meaningful, rigorous, and authentic learning experiences that will encourage relevant exploration of the state’s Standards of Learning and beyond and we are proud to announce that all of our schools are fully accredited by the Virginia Department of Education.  

    Our school division’s theme is “Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow” and our goal is to prepare every student with the skills needed to become productive and successful citizens on the local, state, national and/or global stage. We believe each child should have access to a high quality instructional team, up-to-date technology, and innovative lessons that will prepare our students to be career or college ready upon graduation. 

    I encourage you to explore our website and the links to each of our four schools’ websites.

    Go Raiders!

    Annette A. Bennett, Ed. D.
    Division Superintendent

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  • Meals Application is now Online!

    Appomattox County Public Schools is happy to share with you that our online meal application is returning for the 2019-2020 school year.  Starting July 1, you will be able to submit an application.  Please see the Nutrition section of our website for more information.  (Departments menu, then Food and Nutrition)

    The clickable link to the online application can be found on this home page under Quick Links.

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  • Request for Proposals

    Appomattox County Public Schools has released RFPs.  Click here to be redirected.


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ACPS School News

  • Appomattox APPS

    Reminder to all Parents/Guardians:

    Appomattox County Public Schools has an app. The app allows you to keep up with your child's grades, attendance, and important information concerning your child's education. The district app combines all apps provided by the schools in one place. We would like to encourage all parents/guardians to download the app today.

    ACPS has 2 other apps that are helpful for parents to download, install and use.
    The PowerSchool for Parents app gives the parent/guardian a birds eye view into what is happening in your child's classroom for assignments and grades in real time. Please seach PowerSchool in the app stores.

    Download the MySchoolBucks app to montior your child's cafeteria balance.
    Click the headline or this story to view the full details.

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  • Bullying Hotline

    ACPS has set up a Bullying Hotline for students and faculty to call if they feel they are being bullied. Messages can be left anonymously, if desired. School administrators are checking this number for messages and looking into any issues. The number is (434) 352-2071.

    In addition to the Hotline, students and faculty can now text their concerns to (434) 609-7146. This is a texting only phone and will be checked daily. If you do not have access to a phone you can use our on-line system to send text message alerts.

    For more information about bullying, please visit the following link on the Virginia Department of Education's website at

    If you wish to use the online form, please click District and then Report Bullying in the menu above.

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