Assessments of Student Achievement

In addition to formal and informal assessments provided to students in their classrooms, our division requires several formative assessments of student achievement.

Benchmark Tests/Unit Tests

At least twice during a course, students are formally assessed. These assessments are given to assess how well the student is progressing toward mastery of each of the SOLs taught. Student performance on Benchmark tests is studied and analyzed by teachers to determine what small group or whole class re-teaching is needed and what individual student remediation needs to be provided.

Standards of Learning Tests

Each year, the Virginia Department of Education conducts SOL testing to determine the extent to which students are have mastered the SOL curriculum. Tests are administered in the areas of English- Reading and Writing, Mathematics, History, and Science. These test results are used to determine the school and district’s State and Federal Accreditation. The Virginia Department of Education publishes School Quality Profiles for all schools and School Divisions. These reports can be viewed at

End of Course (EOC) tests are required for graduation from high school. The number and type of tests required depends on the type of diploma a student chooses.

The chart below shows which tests are administered in Appomattox at each grade level.