Distance Learning

Raider Remote is the ACPS virtual education option created for the 2020-2021 school year. It is a blend of syncronous and asyncrounous lessons taught by ACPS teachers for students PreK-12 in our school division. Instruction is available in all core subjects and most electives. For more information please contact our division virtual coordinator, Dr. Bethany Hunter at bahunter@acpsweb.com or the virtual site coordinator at each of our schools. Here are some helpful links:

Raider Remote Video: Raider Remote Handbook:

Virtual Virginia is a program supported by the Virginia Department of Education that allows schools throughout the Commonwealth to provide a variety of courses regardless of the size or teaching resources within a given division. Students are able to access a virtual classroom and curriculum that may not be available as a “live” class in their school due to staffing restrictions, a low number of course requests or a conflict in a student’s schedule for the class. In our division, an example of a class that we offer only through Virtual VA is Latin. Since we do not have a Latin teacher in our division, student may still have the opportunity to take this course via Virtual VA.

Click the link below for more information - https://www.virtualvirginia.org/