• Medical Insurance News

    The School Board approved to continue with The Local Choice – by Anthem as our health insurance provider beginning with the new plan year, October 1, 2020.  Again, with The Local Choice product, Delta Dental and Blue View Vision Insurances are bundled all together. 

    The School Board also approved a recommendation to increase the monthly employer contribution from $552.00 to $588 per subscriber. (This will pay the full premium for the High Deductible Health Plan in addition to a $558 contribution to a Health Savings Account for only the employees that are enrolled in the HDHP plan).

    The School Board also approved continuing with voluntary Delta Dental and Superior Vision for dental and vision standalone insurance that is offered to our full-time employees who waive enrollment in The Local Choice and to our part-time employees. 

    The following is a link to The Local Choice website, which you are encouraged to look through:  http://www.thelocalchoice.virginia.gov/. Should you have questions, please contact Tracy Johnson at (434) 352-8251 or tajohnson@acpsweb.com.

    The Local Choice – By Anthem
    ACPS employees have two options with TLC for healthcare coverage.  Information on both options are listed in the Summary of Benefits and Coverage documents.  The links for those are above and to the right.

    Delta Dental will continue as the dental plan provider for the dental coverage offered through TLC – by Anthem and also the standalone coverage offered to PT employees and those FT employees that waived coverage with TLC. 

    Superior Vision will continue as our standalone coverage offered the PT employees and those FT employees that waived coverage with TLC. 

    Blue View Vision through TLC – Anthem will be the vision provider for employees enrolled in The Local Choice – by Anthem. 

    American Fidelity Assurance continues as the Section 125 administrator.

    Medicare Part D  -  The federal prescription drug benefit became available to all Medicare eligible persons on January 1, 2006.  All eligible persons must decide if they wish to subscribe to one of the available Medicare Part D plans during the applicable open enrollment period.  Medicare Part D plans are only available privately from various approved companies.  Appomattox County Public Schools will not provide this coverage.  Failure to select a plan during open enrollment will result in large penalties (higher costs) if you wish to enroll at the next available time (annually) and cannot provide a copy of your Creditable Coverage Notice.  Annually, Appomattox County Public Schools provides the Creditable Coverage Notice to eligible employees.  This notice states that Appomattox County Public Schools has a creditable plan.  This determination means that our plan is as good as or better than Medicare Part D.  You must keep this annual notice to provide proof that you have had continuous creditable coverage prior to enrollment in Medicare Part D to avoid penalty.  If you are currently Medicare eligible but actively working and are under our medical insurance plan (Anthem), you may continue in our plan.  Then when you leave our plan you can choose Medicare Part D during the next applicable open enrollment without penalty, if you can provide a copy of your Creditable Compensation Notice.  (10/01/2019)  

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): 

    HIPAA is a federal regulation passed into law in 1996.  Simply stated, identifiable health insurance information must be protected to prevent the use of the information for any purpose not exempt under the law. Information that is not identifiable can be used as needed. If you, as an individual, want protected health insurance information released to any person, company or organization, a signed and dated disclosure statement will be required.

    Our HIPAA statement is posted here for your information. Plan carrier HIPAA statements are available on their web sites.