Additional Information

The 4-Year old Program for Appomattox County Public Schools is “Bright Beginnings” and is located at Appomattox Primary School. The purpose of this program is to provide a comprehensive preschool program for at-risk four year olds who are not being served by other federal programs and who reach their fourth birthday on or before September 30. The program will conform to the school year calendar of 180 days.

The class size limit is 18 children with one teacher and one teacher assistant for each class. The curriculum is designed to address the learning needs of preschool children including a broad-based language arts curriculum, focused specifically on language acquisition and literacy development. All instructional and student activities are language based to address the early literacy needs of students. Mathematics skills are also emphasized and are based specifically on the development of numeracy skills.

There are currently 3 classes serving at-risk 4-year-olds in the Bright Beginnings Program. For more information about this program, you may contact Mrs. Allison Maxwell at 352-5766 or Mrs. Beth Haught at 352-8251.