Internet Safety

Appomattox County Public Schools takes internet safety seriously. Every staff member receives training on internet safety. All students receive instruction on internet safety throughout the school year. Appomattox County works diligently to provide a safe internet experience for your child and continues to provide educational information to help educate its users to the dangers of the internet. Through-out the school year, the Appomattox Technology department will offer training and informational sessions to aid parents seeking more information to protect their child while using the internet at home. Please contact your building level administration for more information.

Appomattox County Public Schools filters all internet content for the safety of their students and staff. Our IBoss filtering agentâ„¢ blocks: sexually explicit sites, violent sites, and social networking sites plus other non-educational sites. Our technology personnel are reviewing sites daily. Our belief is safety first.

We require all students/staff and users of our internet or network to sign an acceptable use policy.

The Appomattox County Public Schools policies on computer usage can be found here.

Below you will find links to reliable sites that promote Internet Safety.