Individual Student Alternative Education Program

The ISAEP (Individual Student Alternative Education Program) provides an opportunity for eligible students to prepare for the GED when:

  1. A student is one or more years behind their grade cohorts in high school credits and/or
  2. A student has circumstances, other than academic, that make it difficult to attain a high school diploma.

A student can get into the ISAEP by referral from the student, principal, teacher, or parent. Upon referral, a student who desires to learn the requirements of the program should schedule a meeting with the high school principal, parent, student, and guidance department.

The basic eligibility requirements are:

  1. Reading test score of 7.5 grade equivalent
  2. A vocational assessment
  3. An official GED Practice Test and score a minimum of 410 on each of the five sub-tests

If a student meets eligibility requirements and gains admission in the program, attendance is mandatory since the targeted students to be served are still subject to compulsory attendance laws.

An individualized plan will be developed for each student once a determination has been made that the student has the potential to be successful in the program.

Options for exiting the ISAEP are successful completion of all components of the ISAEP including passing the GED test or re-entry to high school to pursue a diploma.

ISAEP classes meet in the Appomattox County Alternative School. Transportation can be provided from the High School.

Contact any of the following ACPS employees for more information: David Read, Brendan Conroy, or your high school guidance counselor.