7:55 am - 8:15 am -- Bus Arrival

8:00 am - 8:15 am -- Car Rider Arrival

8:15 am -- Tardy Time

3:10 pm - 3:35 pm -- Dismissal Time

School Bell


For the safety of our students and staff, please be reminded of the following for car rider traffic:

  • The traffic flow uses the paved access road that goes behind the school building. No cars should enter the car rider line prior to 2:45pm.

  • No cars should travel above 10 mph while driving behind the school building.

  • A designated loading and unloading zone has been established in the car rider line. Students will only load and unload in this zone. This zone is designated by the painted yellow curb.

  • Parents wishing to pickup their child from the car rider line must follow the established procedures and traffic pattern - no one should park in the parking lot to pick up a student from car riders, and car riders will not be released to parents who park. This is for the safety of students and staff.

  • If your student is not a daily car rider, a written note is required for them to be dismissed with car riders.

  • Please help us protect all students among moving vehicles. Parents should should not call students to their cars. All students are expected to follow of dismissal procedures and the directions of the adults on duty.

The image below outlines the flow of traffic for the car rider line. Parents should follow the blue line on the map, and will load and unload at the yellow line.

Map of Elementary School