School Bus Regulations and Safety Procedures

Students will abide by the SCHOOL BUS REGULATIONS AND SAFETY PROCEDURES listed below:

  • Be ready to board the bus at the designated stop at least five (5) minutes ahead of your scheduled time and approach the bus only after it has completely stopped.

  • Cross the road carefully upon signal from the driver at a point ten feet in front of the bus. Be alert to any safety patrol persons and any directions given by them. Use these same procedures when leaving the bus and immediately move away from the bus.

  • Keep hands, arms, head, and any other objects inside the bus windows

  • Refrain from throwing any objects on, at, or from a school bus.

  • While on the bus, refrain from talking to others along side the bus.

  • Talk in a normal conversational voice to students on the same seat.

  • Do not use fire in any form.

  • Refrain from bringing the following on the bus: drink cans, bottles, animals, radios, CD and audio players, games, toys, large class projects, recorders, posters, stickers, food, pins, water pistols, and any other items that may cause a disturbance. In cases where such items are needed for a school activity, the parent should make arrangements to bring the child to school or to box/package the item to minimize disturbance on the bus.

  • Cell phones and beepers (pagers & beepers) – Keep cell phones, beepers or other communication devices off and out of sight while on the bus. Students on activity or team buses may use cellular phones only with permission of the driver or sponsor/coach. Students may possess a beeper, cellular telephone, or communications device in school buildings and on school buses, provided that the device must remain off and out of sight during the time the student is on a school bus and during school hours. The device must be registered with the school office. Violators of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action including the immediate confiscation and search of the device and revocation of the privilege to possess the device in the schools and on a school bus.The school may hold the phone or offending device for a period of up to one (1) week for the first violation, up to one (1) month for the second violation, and up to two (2) months for the third or subsequent offenses.

    • Stay in seat and leave the aisle clear.

    • Have proper written permission before changing from assigned bus and regular stop.

    • Be aware that video cameras will be in use to monitor behavior.

    • Safety issues – due to the impact of safety hazard, large and/or disturbing items may be restricted from the bus. Ex. balloons, large band instruments, class projects. The Virginia Regulations governing Pupil Transportation state “no seat or other object shall be placed in a bus which restricts passageway to the emergency door.” The regulations also note parents (or their designee) are requested to accompany their young children to and from the bus stop.