Teacher of the year

Appomattox County Public Schools is proud to announce Samantha Schaffner as the 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year.  Mrs. Schaffner is a teacher at Appomattox Middle School (AMS) who goes out of her way to support students and their families. Mrs. Schaffner currently teaches 6th  grade Math.

Mrs. Schaffner is an Appomattox County High School graduate.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Elementary Education from Lynchburg College (now University of Lynchburg).  Mrs. Schaffner works diligently in cooperation with her collaborative partner to assist all students in the learning process by incorporating hands-on learning activities and maintain engagement in the topics being taught. She is currently in her eleventh year of teaching all with Appomattox County Public Schools.

Her colleagues, who nominated Mrs. Schaffner for this award wrote, “Sam is an exemplary middle school teacher in so many ways. She brings the joy and the love of teaching to AMS. The classroom environment she creates is welcoming and supportive - exactly what middle school students need. Students leave her class not only excelling in, but LOVING math! Sam really deserves to be recognized for her talents and passion as a teacher. It's hard not to feel positive after talking with her. She is truly an inspiration.”

Mrs. Schaffner shared “give them (the students) the tools and skills and watch them build it.”  Strong relationships with families are crucial to her work in the classroom with students.  Mrs. Schaffner’s advice to teachers “be adaptable, patient, consistent, open to learning new things and build relationships.”  

Mrs. Schaffner will be nominated for the Region 8 Teacher of the Year which will be announced in the spring of 2023.